Born ~4/27/19 - Female Pit Mix

These poor pups have already been through a lot in their few short weeks on this earth. Their previous owner abandoned them and their parents at his house. Although the dogs were left unattended, we could only convince him to surrender the puppies. A volunteer went to the property to pick up the 5 pups and there were no dogs there. Frustrated, the volunteer returned home empty handed.
A week later, we again tried to save the puppies. This time, 4 of the pups miraculously showed back up! We scrambled to get them before they disappeared again. The 5th puppy might have been killed or stolen, but never returned.  
These puppies are still very young and won’t be available for adoption for until the end of June/Early July, but we will keep you updated on their progress!
Chill is a puppy. Like all puppies, without proper guidance, she will chew, dig, jump and have accidents in the house. 
They will have age appropriate shots and will be spayed or neutered and microchipped prior to being adopted.
They are pitbull mixes so we will only accept applications from homeowners (no exceptions). Positive Reinforcement training classes will also be a requirement of their adoption.

​If you think you're ready to add a puppy to your home, please be aware: 

Please note:
- We will NOT adopt more than 4 hours from Reno, NV
- We will NOT ship to a new home
- Due to their breed mix, We will ONLY accept applications from homeowners (no exceptions).
- We WILL require a home check AND a professional puppy training class

Adoption Fee: $350

Breed: Pit Bull Mix  
Age: Born ~ 4/27/19
Size: Medium
Gender: Female

Good with:
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes
Cats: Yes
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Before you adopt, we would like to request that you consider few things:
 1. Dogs may live for 15 years.  Are you able to make a long term commitment for the duration of your dog’s life?  Please consider that your lifestyle may change.  You may not have the same job where you are able to come home at lunch, you may not have the same roommate,  you may graduate from school or move to a smaller house.  You may have a baby, get married or get a divorce.  Are you going to be able to make a commitment to a dog and make it work even when/if your life changes?  People don’t dump their children because of these life changes, but many dogs end up in a shelter or rescues because their owners do not make the same kind of commitment.  If you think that you may not be able to make a commitment to make it work, then we kindly request you reconsider adoption.
2. No dog is perfect, just like people are not perfect.  It requires work to make things work.  Your expectations needs to be realistic.  Do you have small children or a baby?  Dogs have the average develepomental level of a 18 month old to 3 year old child. They need love and attention.  If your life is busy and you don’t have a lot of time for your new dog, we ask that you reconsider adoption.
3. Are you familiar with the breed?  If not, you may want to look into fostering with us before making a decision to adopt.  .
4. Do you have the financial means to care for the dog?  Annual food and medical cost can add up.  Even for a healthy dog, the first year can cost up to about $2,000 if you include the basic supply listed below, food, treats, toys and vet bill.
5. Are you older and wanting to adopt a young energetic dog?  Please think about more mature dogs that need homes.  Everyone wants a young dog but if you are a mature human being, please consider more mature dogs that have been waiting for their forever homes for a long, long time.  They are just like you and need TLC.

Before you Adopt

  1. Visit us at an adoption event or on-line at  
  2. Fill out an adoption application
  3. Get a letter of permission from your landlord or homeowner
  4. A volunteer will call you to "meet and greet" the dogs you're interested in
  5. Once you've found your new family member, a volunteer will schedule a home check to make sure it's an appropriate and safe environment.
  6. 100% of your donation goes to the care of the dogs. Our donations are tax-deductable and are as follows:

Steps to Adoption

Puppies - $350
Adult Dogs - $250
Seniors for Seniors - $150

Please feel free to give more. This is not a purchase price for the dog, but a donation to the organization so we may continue to rescue and save.

You must be 21 or Older to Adopt 
If you do not own your home, a letter from your landlord or the homeowner is required.
All current pets must be: Spayed/Neutured, Current on Vaccinations, Registered with your Local Animal Control (Yes we do call and verify this information)
We require ALL of our adopted dogs to attend a minimum 5 week professionally run obedience course. 
Be aware of your local pet regulations and limits, we do follow them when placing and dog.
Our dogs are family companions and MUST sleep inside the house. If you don't lock your kids outside or in the garage for the night don't expect to put your dog there.
Our dogs are lifelong companions - not disposible accessories. Expect to make your future life decisions: marriage, new jobs, moving, new baby, additional pets, with your dog in mind. They will live 12-18 years. They deserve a stable home.

Adoption Requirements: